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Process / Understanding you
What matters
most to me?

We listen, working to determine what matters most to you. Understanding your aims and how these are influenced by your own circumstances is central to clearly seeing the path ahead.

Set Goals
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Process / Setting Objectives
How do I achieve
my goals?

We plan, formulating a Personalised Investment Program that will help you achieve your aims.

Find out more about our Personalised Investment Program and Private Equity Program services.

Do you own in your portfolios what you should?
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Process / Assessing your progress
Am I on course?

Once your personalised program is implemented we keep a close watch on your progress, constantly assessing as well as adapting your holdings to ensure they are aligned with your current situation and goals. Through Delcap’s own Client Portal you can monitor the performance of your portfolios, achieving the clarity, confidence, and control that you deserve.

Objective and Performance Analysis
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Personalised Investment Program
Personal Investment Program
Clarity, Confidence, and Control

Our Personalised Investment Program will build portfolios that are adapted to your needs and objectives, allocated according to your personal risk profile. For investors with multiple goals, we offer many structured solutions tailored to reach them. This program is suited to both seasoned and first-time investors.

Understanding your aims and present circumstances are of paramount importance. We consider your situation in the context of your objectives and preferences, customising asset allocation, geographical breakdown, and currency exposure accordingly.

Our proposals can include:

  • Actively Managed Portfolios
    • Active Management refers to a portfolio investment strategy with the aim of outperforming the market through security selection. Actively managed funds provide access to specialised managers with high conviction-based allocation.
  • Index Portfolios
    • Index Portfolios replicate the performance of a reference benchmark. They help achieve market return, high diversification, high liquidity and lower costs. Asset allocation, geographical breakdown, and currency exposure can be personalised depending on preferences and risk profile.
  • Private Equity

Portfolios are monitored and evaluated on an ongoing basis, ensuring that you are always on track to achieving your goals.

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Private Equity Program
Private Equity Program
Value over time

Our Private Equity Programs are available to investors that have a long investment horizon and a significantly large pool of available capital.

Private equity participants typically face the following challenges:

  • Selecting and having access to first class managers with strong track records
  • Sourcing regular investment opportunities
  • Choosing an appropriate investment structure
  • Managing cash flows to optimise returns

Delcap can help tackle these challenges. We have been investing in private equity funds and private equity co-investments on behalf of our clients for more than seven years. This has allowed us to build strong relationships with a number of partner firms, as well as obtain valuable experience in the creation of successful, diversified portfolios. Management of cash flows is of particular importance to us, we offer structured solutions, in the form of index portfolio investment, aimed at reducing the opportunity cost of uncalled commitments.

Our Private Equity Programs not only optimise asset allocation, but also offer organisational comfort.

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Global Portfolio Monitoring
Global Wealth Consolidation
Tracking your goals

Our Global Wealth Consolidation service offers investors, with multiple portfolios and banking relationships, an ongoing and comprehensive asset overview through detailed financial reports.

This will provide you with information regarding:

  • Asset allocation
  • Performance and risk
  • Costs

We are also able to give guidance on how to shape your holdings to match your investment profile. Investment horizon, personal income and expenses, risk tolerance and return objectives are all part of the equation when determining the right allocation for our clients.

We can provide direction regarding:

  • Portfolio restructuring
  • New investment opportunities
  • Special situations

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